What to Know Before Installing a Cell Booster Antenna

three cellular communication towers.

A cell phone booster is a signal boosting device that is installed to improve the strength of cellular reception and quality of cellular communication at a place. The device has minimal components and simple operation, with its performance being largely dependent on how well the components are functioning.

What Are The Components Of Cell Phone Booster?

Cell phone boosters have three major components:

External Antenna

The external antenna channels the input signals into the booster system. It captures cellular signals available outside and sends them to the next unit, the amplifier, for processing. 


The amplifier works on the signals sent in by the external antenna and boosts their strength. The boosted signal output of the amplifier is sent to the next unit, the inside antenna. The amplifier and inside antenna is connected via cables. 

Inside Antenna 

The inside antenna performs the function of broadcasting the boosted signals to all points within its coverage area.

Things To Know Before Installing External Antenna 

External antenna has to be mounted on an outdoor point that receives the maximum cellular signals to ensure the performance of the cell phone booster. To find out the signals strengths at various outdoor points, use a signal meter, and note down the signal strengths at various points. Mount the external antenna at a point that receives the maximum available signal strength. 

The external antenna is of two types, unidirectional and omnidirectional. Unidirectional antennas can capture signals coming from a particular direction alone and hence it has to be directed towards the cell tower. Meanwhile, an omnidirectional antenna can capture signals coming from all directions. If you live in a place with a single cell tower, the external antenna of the cell phone booster has to be perfectly pointed towards that tower. If there are many cell towers in your area and you want multicarrier boosting, use an omnidirectional external antenna. 

Things To Know Before Installing The Inside Antenna 

Inside antenna is of two types, panel antenna, and dome antenna. A panel inside the antenna broadcasts signals along a single direction while the dome inside the antenna broadcasts signals to all directions. If you want to cover a large space on the same level, like a floor of a building, use a dome antenna. If you want to cover longer distances along one direction, for instance, multiple floors of a building, a panel inside the antenna will be suitable. 

The selection of the right antennas and their failsafe installation is crucial in determining the performance of cell phone boosters.