How To Ensure Good Cellular Reception While Traveling?

Quality of cellular communication is something we are unsure of while traveling. However, there are a few things we can do about improving signal quality. One of the ideal solutions you can try to improve signal strength while traveling is to install a cell phone booster inside your vehicle. 

Why Does Cellular Signal Strength Drop While Traveling?

While we are traveling, our cell phones keep connecting from one cell tower to the next. Every cell tower has a limit to the cellular traffic it can support. Cell phones that connect the tower after the connection is full will not often receive good quality signals. 

If our journey is to a remote location, connectivity issues may worsen, because remote areas will have a limited number of transmitting towers. In addition to that, hills, mountains, and forest cover will lead to the attenuation of signals. One solution to this problem is to use a vehicle cell phone booster. 

What Is A Vehicle Cell Phone Booster?

Cell phone booster can be used to increase the strength of cellular signals available at a location. The device sends the boosted signals to our cell phones and the functioning is similar to that of a signal repeater. 

Three core components of vehicle cell phone boosters are: 

External antenna: The external antenna, also called tower antenna, collects the cellular signals available outside. 

Amplifier: The amplifier, referred to as booster of vehicle cell phone booster increases the strength of cellular signals sent in by the external antenna and transfers it to the next unit, the indoor/device antenna. 

Indoor antenna: The antenna broadcasts the signals that come from the amplifier, within its broadcasting range. The cell phones that are within the coverage area of the internal antenna receive the boosted signals. 

How To Install Vehicle Signal Booster?

The installation of cell phone boosters in cars and small vehicles does not require much technical expertise. Start the installation procedures only after deciding the antenna locations and ensuring that the cable lengths are adequate. You will have to do a trial installation first. Here are the steps in installing a vehicle cell phone booster.

  • Mount the tower antenna on the roof of the vehicle. 
  • Place the amplifier in a convenient and easily accessible location inside the vehicle. 
  • Place the device antenna in a central location so that all points inside the vehicle get equally strong signals. 
  • Run cables connecting tower antenna to amplifier and amplifier to device antenna. 
  • After all the connections are established, power on the booster and check whether it is working. 

 Having a cell phone booster installed in your vehicles can help you ensure the quality of cellular communication while traveling.