Tips To Enhance The Performance Of Your Cell Signal Boosters

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The performance of your cell signal booster can be dependent on a wide range of factors including the outside signal strength, the strength of the amplifier, the capacity of your antennas, etc. Even though these devices can help you to boost the strength of the cell signals inside your building, you might not be able to predict the results precisely because of its dependence on other factors. 

However, you don’t have to worry anymore, as we’ll provide you some useful tips that can help you to boost the performance of your cell service boosters. These tips can be beneficial for getting the best results from your cell signal boosters. 

Choose A Booster That Can Support Your Carrier And Frequency

The frequency in which different carriers operating in an area will be different. Therefore, you have to choose a booster that is designed for supporting that particular frequency range which your operator uses in your area. 

If you need to support more than one carrier with different frequencies, then get boosters that can support multiple bands. There are dual-band, tri-band, quad-band, and quint band signal boosters for you to choose from based on the number of frequencies you need to support.

Choose The Right Antenna

Signal boosters have internal and external antennas. The external antenna is used for collecting the outside signals, whereas, the internal antenna is used for the purpose of transmitting the signals inside the building. 

There are different types of internal and external antennas. Hence, you have to choose the antennas based on your requirements. 

How To Choose External Antennae

If you are living in an area that has good outside signal strength, then get omni-directional antennas that can receive signals from all directions. But if you are living in a rural or remote area where there is a long distance from the cell tower, then it is better to get a uni-directional antenna that can receive signals from long distances. 

How To Choose Internal Antennae

Dome antenna is suitable for you if you want to transmit signals in all directions. But if you want to cover a long hallway or multiple floors, then get a panel antenna.

Positioning Your Internal And External Antenna

There should be a minimum distance between your internal and external antenna. Otherwise, it will result in a problem called oscillation, where the signals from your internal antenna reach your external antenna. This can reduce the performance of your boosters greatly.When purchasing and installing a signal booster for your home or office, you have to consider the above tips. This will help you to get the maximum result from your cell signal booster.