What Causes Bad Cell Signal And How To Solve It

A woman holding a phone with bad cell service.

You’re in the middle of an engaging conversation with a friend, and suddenly you are greeted by a familiar beeping sound and text on your phone screen spelling out “call disconnected”. This is infuriating and it doesn’t matter if you are in the middle of a call with a family member or making the deal of a lifetime, your cell phone reception can drop at any time without hesitation

There are reasons as to what causes this, and there is a simple solution that helps you avoid all this issue. Let us have a look at what can cause weak cell reception:

Building Material

Structures are made up of bricks, concrete, and steel. These materials can eat and absorb your cell phone signal. The building materials interfere with signals and everything from the walls to the roofing material can be to blame for your phone screen showing a low reception bar. 

If you are indoors, then there is no doubt that the culprit could be the very building you are in. This issue can be easily solved with the help of a cell phone service booster.

The Terrain

Your cell signal travels across some diverse terrain before making it to your cell phone. This ranges from concrete jungles to hills and mountainous terrain; there is nothing that mother earth doesn’t throw in the path of a cell signal. These act as natural barriers that prevent the signal from safely reaching your phone. What you are left with is a weak and dying cell signal.

The Weather

The weather plays a role in determining the strength of the cell signal because the signals make use of electromagnetic waves, the likes of which can be easily manipulated and displaced due to storms, rains, snow, and so on. All of the meteorological factors from rain to humidity determine how well of a cell reception your phone ends up having.

Not just your run-of-the-mill rainy day, but cosmic events such as solar flare have been seen to affect cell signal transmission many times

Heavy Traffic 

If there are many users who are connected to the network, then excess calls are redirected. This means that places where many are accessing the network via 4G will most likely be clogged. In the same way that roads have a fixed maximum capacity, cell phone towers also have their limits

The Solution

The one single solution to by-pass all of these issues is to simply get a cell signal booster. A one-time investment that can always offer you a decent signal!