Purchasing A Signal Amplifier For RV

The function of a signal amplifier for use in an RV is the same as the one for home, but you should make unique considerations when buying it. You may easily be confused when going through all the technical details of an RV cell phone signal booster. Therefore, we have come up with this list to make your selection easier.

Antenna Features

Almost all cell signal amplifiers come with multiple antennae. An antenna is usually set up somewhere on the vehicle exterior, and the second one is designed for internal use. The former antennae should not only receive signals from the nearest cellular tower but also send these to that cell site. The other antenna is required for transmitting the signal it receives to the user device. The booster box set up between both antennae should transfer the signals back and forth.

When it comes to design, you would not want the internal antenna to be enormous. Conversely, the other antenna should be big enough to withstand strong winds and should be set up securely.


Regarding a cell booster network repeater, the term ‘gain’ refers to the maximum signal boosting capability of it. Usually, when its gain is higher, the longer will be the overall cellular coverage. A reliable booster system should have at least 5 dB of gain.

In a wide-open and rural place, you should utilize a booster having a high gain because the distance between your phone and the cellular tower there, will limit quality signals. Elsewhere, an amplifier with a much lower gain might just be a more appropriate choice. Low-gain antennae should ideally be used in places where there exist nearby barriers to signals, or in mountainous terrain.

Coverage Area

Almost every RV has a rather small area. Even a 36-foot recreational vehicle may have an area of about 300 square feet. In such a case, you should purchase a booster that can make signals available in a considerable area for you to have decent service everywhere in the vehicle. Do you prefer to occasionally step out of it to make calls? If yes, also think about the requirement for an amplified signal over the extra area.

The Strength Of Cellular Signal Outside

The landscape of the place where the vehicle is parked will mainly determine the signal strength available there. When you know that you will have a weak external signal, choose the booster having a higher cellular gain. Conversely, having a much stronger signal outside your rig will let you purchase a cheaper product for it.