How To Improve Phone Signal Strength In A Mobile Home

A home on wheels poses numerous unique challenges in getting enough cellular signal reception. So, if you find yourself wondering how to improve phone signal quality in this dwelling, do not think that you are the only one facing the issue. The forms of materials utilized for your mobile home are likely to considerably affect the cellular service quality you get. Read on to learn more about the factors that contribute to weak signals in your mobile home, and how to solve your problem.

What Causes Bad Cellular Signal In A Mobile Home

Many things might cause weak signals, including the use of a metal back cover for the phone, and how you hold it when calling. The cover and the way you hold the device could keep its internal antenna from getting cellular signals. Then again, these things may affect the signals regardless of where you are. The following factors apply specifically to a home built on wheels.

Distance To The Nearest Cellular Tower

Trailer parks can be located in rural places, which tend to mean that the nearest cell site is a fair distance from the dwellings. This possibly causes weak signals outside of this house, and consequently, weak to no signal indoors. Besides, rugged geography, like mountains and hills, amid the cell site and your house could also have a considerable effect on the cellular signal strength.

Building Materials

Flat, thin metal sheets were utilized to make the exteriors of old mobile homes. Conversely, new models include energy-saving raw materials, like new types of insulation, plus window tinting. All of these possibly bring about considerable issues for a cellular signal to make its way into the dwellings.

The Way To Fix The Issue

A cell signal booster system is made to solve the issues mentioned above. The product has two antennae and an internal amplifier box. It can bypass building materials that form the exterior of your house with an external antenna and low loss coaxial cabling. Several individuals have attempted to make it on their own. A DIY booster typically comprises an external antenna, which is connected straight to a mobile device. This might provide a marginally better cellular service at best, so we would not suggest it as the finest solution. Rather, consider choosing purpose-built products available in the market to have the best signal improvement possible.