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What Is The Coverage Of A Mobile Phone Booster?

If you are looking for a phone booster in the UK to improve the reception in a certain location, you will likely need to get one for usage within a specific coverage area. Luckily, there are many different coverage sizes available for signal boosters, from as little as 250 square metres, to 5000 square metres.

Here is a list of some of the best phone boosters available at different coverages:
250 m2 Mobile Phone Boosters

The Home Essentials PLUS. This is a mobile phone repeater device that is compatible with all UK 3G networks and is a popular choice due to its low cost. This device was a pioneering mobile phone signal booster in the UK market and remains a favourite choice for many consumers.

Essential Plus 3G Booster

It is easy to install and can considerably improve the mobile signal available in a poor reception area. This mobile repeater is best suited for home and small business use as it has an appropriate range of 250 square meters and supports up to 25 users.

This signal booster works at a frequency of 2100 MHz and comes with a power supply, and instruction manual, and all the mobile repeater components required to install the device.

MR 4G LTE 800/2600 booster kit. This device is a great home and small business mobile signal booster for consumers using a 4G network. It works on all UK networks except EE and works at a frequency of 800 and 2600 MHz, the main 4G frequencies in the UK.

o2 4G Booster

This mobile booster has a coverage of 250 square metres and supports the use of up to users at the same time. Each booster kit comes with an AC/DC power supply, a guide to help with installation, and the required mobile repeater components.

Triple-Band Mobile RepeaterThis mobile phone repeater is available for all UK 3G networks -including EE, Three, Vodaphone and O2 – and is compatible with the 4G EE network. It works at a frequency of 800, 1800, and 2100 MHz, and can support up to 50 users simultaneously.

All networks 3G and 4G booster

A Triple Band mobile repeater is comprised of 4 different parts: an external aerial, coaxial cables, a mobile booster system, and an indoor rebroadcast antenna. This device has a simple installation process and usually takes less than 30 minutes to set up.
500 m2 Mobile Phone Boosters

MR GSM 900 Pro. This mobile phone booster works for all UK networks and works at a frequency of 900 MHz. It works at a coverage of 500 square metres and can support up to 50 simultaneous users at the same time.

Mobile Booster - MR UK

This device is a dual-band mobile phone repeater and provides a constant source of reliable signal to areas that were previously poorly connected. It comes with a power cable and a step by step instruction guide making it easy to install.

HiBoost Hi13-3G. This 3G mobile phone booster is a great device for ensuring that you have a fast 3G mobile data connection in your home or small business. It operates at a frequency of 2100 MHz and is available on all 3G networks.

HiBoost Signal Booster - MR UK

This device works best if you have a strong mobile signal outside the area that needs a reception enhancement. The mobile repeater can use utilise this signal to boost the strength inside to areas with poor mobile connectivity.
1000 m2 Mobile Phone Boosters

MR PowerMAX 3G 2100. This 3G mobile repeater booster operates at 2100 MHz frequency and is available on all UK networks. It is great for business use and covers up to 1000 square metres whilst supporting 75 mobile users at the same time.

Mobile Booster - MR UK

The product come with a power cable, instruction guide, and is offered with a 15-day money back guarantee.  

Hi13-3SL HiBoost. This is a top of the range UK mobile phone booster that supports all UK networks and EGSM900, WCDMA2100, and LTE800 MHz frequencies. It is great for moderate sized homes and business use and has a coverage area of 1000 square metres. It also includes Wi-Fi and Blietooth modules.

HiBoost Hi13-3SL - Mobile Repeater UK

2500 m2 Mobile Phone Boosters

3G PowerMAX 2100 MHz XT mobile repeater. This device is a great phone booster for business use as it covers 2500 square metres and supports up to 100 simultaneous users.

3G Signal Booster - Mobile Repeater UK

It is also available on all UK 3G networks and has a 70 dB gain.
5000 m2 Mobile Phone Booster

MR PowerMAX 3G 2100 XT.One of the best choices for consumers who need to cover the largest possible area. It supports all up to 200 users on all UK networks and has a huge coverage area of 5000 square metres. This device is perfect for business use.

Mobile Booster - MR UK

If you are having trouble selecting the correct mobile booster for your needs please do not hesitate to a href=””>contact us. We are happy to help.

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