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Please find below the available mobile carriers for Australia. With changing technology and band allocation, it is likely our mobile booster kits listed here may very well cover more than mentioned in the details. We test the repeater units regularly before approving for service, and usually do so with all major networks and protocols including TelstraOptus and Vodafone Mobile Networks. This field testing also works with the various types of service including Next G Voice and DataGSM 850900 and 1800 (which includes voice and text message services) as well as 3G and recently the new 4G LTE services springing up everywhere in Australia. If you have any questions about how to get better signal in your particular situation, we encourage you to contact us today. Click these to be shown our Signal Boosters that are appropriate for your network:

Multiple Networks

If you are in need of Signal Boosters that can improve your signal for multiple providers, see our selection of kits designed for more than one network or mobile service. Some of these kits can even boost all Australian mobile services.

New Zealand Mobile Boosters are also available through our sister company

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