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All of the repeaters on offer at Mobile Repeater UK are high quality, well designed devices offering you the most up to date technology when it comes to mobile phone signal boosters. They all come with a warranty which in itself, speaks for their quality assurance and they have the ability to transform people in the UK mobile phone experience by improving both voice calls and data usage, in many cases by 32 times! These boosters also take the strain off your phone’s battery by providing better and consistent coverage as weak signal depletes your mobile devices’ battery life. These high quality devices are also very easy to install and use which is a real bonus in addition to everything else they are able to offer you. You can also select various accessories and optional add-ons to go with your chosen device so that your signal booster really is tailor-made to your needs.

4G Signal Booster 

The quality of the signal you receive depends on choosing your signal booster carefully. For example, if you purchase a repeater which caters for LTE 4G but you live in an area where 4G is hard to come by or it hasn’t reached you yet, then you will be disappointed by your choice of repeater as it will not be able to work effectively. Therefore the quality of the boost and coverage you receive is dependent on your making sure that not only your carrier is covered but also your network, whether that be 2G, 3G or LTE 4G.

It is also important to be mindful of where you place the external antenna as this will affect the quality of the signal boosting you receive from your repeater. It must be placed in a position where it can pick up at least one bar of signal from your cell phone carrier. The opposite problem can occur when the signal outside is too strong and the amplifier becomes overloaded as a result. You can fix this by moving the external antenna to an area with weaker signal. To avoid issues with oscillation which is when a negative feedback loop is created between the internal antenna and the external antenna, you may need to ensure that the external antenna is pointing away from your roof rather than towards it. Some signal boosters can overcome this issue by themselves but in some cases, you may need to make an adjustment.

Signal Booster – Customer Service Experience 

Part of the high quality experience of purchasing one of our signal boosters is the excellent customer service we provide. We understand that choosing a device to suit the number of users, the space you are operating in, the carrier, the type of usage you want to access and the network you are using is not an easy task. That is why our customer service team are on hand to answer all your questions to make sure that you are picking a repeater which will deliver high quality voice, data usage or both if you require. Our technicians will ensure that your cell phone signal booster is installed in the best possible location to give you a the highest quality experience possible.

People who have been living in mobile phone dead zones have been amazed by how their phone calls have transformed from a frustrating experience with the signal cutting out constantly to a joyous experience involving high quality video chats without any interruptions whatsoever. People also remark on the rapid speed of their online downloading and streaming ever since they chose to purchase a signal booster.


These high quality products really do have the power to change lives in the UK and as long as you ensure that your network, carrier, space and number of people online at any given time are compatible with the device you are selecting, you will be amazed at what these devices can do to improve communication. You can rest assured that your repeater comes with a warranty and the support of our excellent and proactive customer service team who are at your disposal if you have any queries before, during or after the installation process.

Mobile Phone Signal Booster - MR UK