How To Install A Cell Phone Booster In A Vehicle?

A woman using her cell phone with a cell booster.

Cell phone boosters are designed for installing in all possible spaces including homes, buildings, vehicles, and even public spaces. Depending on the space that the booster is designed for, its gain value and coverage area may vary. Take the case of vehicles. A single cell phone booster type will not suit vehicles big and small equally. If you want boosted signals in a large vehicle like an RV or boat, you will need a booster that can cover a larger area when compared with that installed in a small vehicle like a car. 

Below, we explain the steps that are involved in the installation of a vehicle cell phone booster. 

Conduct A Soft Install Prior To The Original Installation 

A soft install is a trial installation performed to find out the perfect setup for a cell phone booster that will ensure the maximum possible performance of the booster. In a soft install, you place the booster components in the points where you want and run the cables connecting the units to find out if all components fit according to the plan you have made. 

Place The Booster Unit In The Selected Location 

By booster unit, we mean the amplifier unit of the cell phone booster. It is advisable to place the booster unit in an area where it can be easily accessed when necessary. You may consider placing it under the seat. 

Place The Tower Antenna On The Roof Of The Vehicle 

The tower antenna or the outdoor antenna of vehicle signal boosters will usually be magnetic because it is placed on the metal roof of the vehicle. The metallic roof acts as the shield between the tower antenna and the device antenna/indoor antenna placed inside the vehicle to prevent oscillation. 

Place The Device Antenna In The Appropriate Location 

If the booster has to broadcast amplified signals to all passengers in the vehicle, it has to be placed in a centralized location so that all points in the vehicle are covered. 

Run The Cord From The Antenna Units To The Booster Unit 

Hardware connections have to be established between the tower antenna and the booster unit as well as the booster unit and the device antenna. Connect each of the antennae to its corresponding connection on the booster unit after ensuring that the power is disconnected. 

Establish Connection Between The Booster Unit And Power Outlet 

While doing this, make sure that you plug in the cord into the booster unit and then plug in the other end into the power outlet. 

The perfection of the installation process has a lot to do with the performance of the signal booster.