How Do Signal Boosters Work?

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Our day to day lives have changed a lot ever since the introduction of mobile phones. In addition to smartphones changing the way we communicate with each other, time and costs involved have reduced substantially. The first change revolved around calling our business partners, family and friends. As it stands, YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram as well as other social media platforms have brought about further changes beyond that. In cases such as emergencies, Smartphones are very helpful.

Every now and then, some users find themselves in stressful situations involving no coverage or limited coverage, even with today’s advanced wireless and networking technology. This sort of occurrence is commonly seen in places such as:

  • Tunnels and parking lots
  • Office building structures and large stores
  • Boats and cars, among others
  • Housing structures in remote locations

Mobile signal boosters were created, in light of these limitations, to reduce and/or eliminate the likelihood of interruptions during communication between loved ones. It can be defined as a novel piece of equipment that takes an incoming signal from a base station and amplifies it. Simply put, it transmits to mobile phones an amplified copy of the original signal. A maximum of 35 Km is the optimum distance between the nearby tower and signal booster.

The main components of a standard mobile phone signal booster include:

  • A standard coaxial cable and outdoor antenna
  • Omni antenna (Indoor type)
  • Optional Indoor Antenna coaxial cable
  • 10 Volt DC Power Supply Unit
  • Amplifier for mobile phones

Here is an easy to understand step by step description of how signal boosters work:

  • Weak signals from nearby tower stations are picked up by the external antenna and transferred, via the coaxial cable, to the signal booster.
  • This kick starts the signal amplification process in the signal booster.
  • The internal antenna then receives the signal after amplification via the second coaxial cable.
  • The mobile phone in question then receives the boosted signal.

There Two Ways In Which Mobile Signal Boosters Work:

Transmit an amplified signal to mobile phones after receiving a weaker version from a base station.

Send amplified signals to mobile towers nearby after receiving weak signals from mobile phones.

To install a mobile booster hassle free, it’s recommended that you follow the instructions in the manual to the letter, even though the installation tends to be simple. The mobile booster should be set up at a suitable location where signal reception stability shows at least two bars on the phone so as to get optimum performance.

A signal booster works great in spaces with constant line disruptions and where coverage is weak; the main aim of having one installed is to enhance network coverage.

The Range Of Coverage & Capacity Vary

From place to place, network coverage varies. To expand coverage, in areas with numerous building structures, it’s recommended that you use more than one signal booster. Each booster is capable of serving a minimum of five phones and a maximum of a 100, when using top tier models.

If you need assistance selecting the correct mobile phone signal booster please do not hesitate to contact us. Enhance your mobile phone signal today.

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