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HiBoost is at the forefront of the mobile signal booster market, selling a range of innovative booster products aimed to improve mobile signals on every UK mobile network. Their devices overcome all the frustrations that comes with a poor mobile phone signal reception, including dropped calls, poor call clarity, and downloading and browsing on 3G/4G.

Better still, HiBoost understands the varying needs of every mobile phone user. From different networks to signal coverage options, mobile users in need of a good signal booster all different requirements from the device, so HiBoost has an impressive range of devices to suit all needs. 

Hi Boost Smart App Mobile Repeater UK

Whether it’s a home signal booster or work signal booster, HiBoost has devices that cover all requirements both commercial and personal. It could be a small flat that struggles to get a mobile phone signal or a massive office space with several devices that require improved signal strength – HiBoost has a device for all circumstances.   

Simply put, Hiboost has some of the best mobile phone signal booster devices around. As if they weren’t already delivering, the company has now released a new line of mobile repeater devices that feature a compatible mobile application. 

This is one of the first signal booster devices to feature such a function and it could revolutionize the mobile booster market. 

HiBoost 3SL Series    

Hi Boost - Mobile Repeater UK

The HiBoost & 3SL series is the latest release of mobile phone signal booster devices from the company. These devices have a range of cool new features, including a built-in internal antenna, LCD display screens, and various types of smart link functions.

Smart Link Function  

One of the most exciting aspects of the 3SL series is the new smart link function. By allowing users to control their phone signal booster directly through a mobile application, customers get unrivalled management options for their home signal booster.  

Using either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity, users can connect to the mobile signal booster with their smartphone, allowing for complete control of the device using the compatible smartphone application.  

With the Signal Supervisor application, available on App Store and Google Play, you can monitor your device any time and anyplace. It’s suitable for all compatible 3SL 4G signal booster and 3G signal booster devices, giving all even more reason to invest in one. 

When setting up the smart link function with your HiBoost signal booster, you get the benefit of being able to monitor the signal booster remotely from your mobile device. You also can set up the booster using the application, not to mention getting detailed information on the booster. 

For instance, when checking the mobile signal booster with the Signal Supervisor mobile app, you get info on your mobile network, the cell tower in use, frequency carriers and more. Should there be any issues with your mobile booster, you can also share the device through the mobile app to get fast and efficient customer assistance.

Smart AGC & MGC Functions 

The 3SL series features smart software capable of AGC and MGC functions. This makes setting up your mobile phone signal booster easier than ever, with the device automatically establishing the best settings relative to your location.  

Basically, this allows for precise power control between the signal booster and the cell tower to ensure optimal settings and avoid overlapping with mobile networks, with the device doing all the hard work for you. 

Hi Boost Smart Functions Mobile Repeater UK

System setup is done automatically and sets to the best reception conditions, while all problems with the booster are automatically fixed. 

Should you have an understanding on mobile repeater devices, then it is possible to set up the signal strength manually using the MGC function, although only advanced users are recommended to try this function. 

All of this can be done entirely from the mobile application or from a computer device. 

Benefits of Using HiBoost’s New Mobile Application  

The Signal Supervisor app gives the 3SL series of mobile phone signal booster devices so much more functions and features than previous models that it’s easy to consider it as ground-breaking. Users can now control their signal booster devices in a way that is much simpler and straight-forward compared to older devices.  

In doing so, users will find it far easier to always have their signal booster functioning at optimal levels. From simple tastes to in-depth functionality, there is no limitations to what you can do with the new mobile app from HiBoost.

For instance, simple features such as switching different frequency bands off allow users to reduce the signal interference that often occurs when too many frequency bands are operating on the device.  

More advanced functions include adjusting power settings for each frequency band, making it possible to precisely adjust settings that optimises your specific signal requirements. Doing any of this required a great amount of time and effort as it was only done manually on the signal booster device, whereas now its all done through an intuitive mobile application. 

Whether you’re using it for a home, office, or commercial work space, the ability to meticulously control the settings of the mobile phone signal booster allow users to get more from the device than ever before.  

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