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Mobile phones play a pivotal role in day to day life. Anyone with a smartphone never leaves home without it, while it’s rarely ever too far from reach. It’s the first thing that most people grab when they wake-up, while almost every mobile owner uses their device to browse the internet, whether for work or pleasure. 

In fact, many people are forgoing landline phones here in the UK as their mobile phone is more than enough for making and receiving calls. When you consider text messaging and instant messaging with mobile apps, it is little surprise mobile phones are now so widely used in place of landlines.  

Of course, a mobile phone isn’t anywhere near as useful if you have a poor signal. While most of us usually only deal with a poor or lost signal for a short time, there are many people around the UK that constantly have a dreadful mobile phone signal in their homes.  

If you deal with such a problem then a HiBoost Mobile Repeater could be the perfect solution. 

What is a HiBoost Mobile Repeater?  

HiBoost is a leading manufacturer of mobile repeater devices, commonly known as a signal booster, and their devices are some of the best on the market.

These devices are simple in practice. You install the signal booster antenna somewhere outside your house where they pick up a mobile phone signal, which is then transferred into an inside antenna. This antenna connects to a signal amplifier device, which in turn boosts the mobile phone signal and spreads it around your home.  

As you may expect, this is a life-saver for people dealing with poor mobile phone signals at home, letting them get full functionality back to their phones for a relatively affordable investment.  

So, with that in mind, lets take a closer look at some reasons why you may benefit from using a HiBoost mobile repeater!

Improved Phone Call Quality  

Many people assume that a poor mobile phone signal means you can’t receive calls, and while this is true in many cases, a poor signal often reduces the overall call quality rather than preventing calls in the first place. 

When you use a HiBoost signal booster device, call quality is instantly improved, producing better clarity in both ingoing and outgoing calls. You never need to worry about grainy or broke mobile calls when using one of HiBoost’s fantastic mobile phone signal booster devices.

No Missed or Dropped Calls  

Another common issue people with poor mobile signals deal with is calls being completely missed or dropping mid-call. This is obviously very frustrating, taking away one of the core functions of a mobile and rendering it almost useless. 

So, by using a mobile repeater from HiBoost, signal quality is significantly improved so that phone calls are never missed or dropped, allowing users to make and receive calls without any fuss.  

Improved Mobile Internet Connections  

Perhaps one of the most frustrating parts of using a mobile phone with a poor signal is how it impairs mobile data connections.  

This ranges from slowing down internet browsing and download speeds to making either function almost impossible to use. Given how important internet data is for many smartphone functions, any interference due to a poor signal is something worth addressing.  

Thankfully, HiBoost sells both 4G signal boosters and 3G signal boosters. These devices help avoid poor data connections on mobile phones, allowing users to browse the internet on their phones, stream content, and upload and download using their mobile data.

4G signals are often very poor in some areas on the UK. This is because the frequency bands they operate on where used much later than other countries, leading us to suffer from poor quality or even no 4G.  

With a 4G signal booster from HiBoost, you get the chance to use broadband speed internet from the palm of your hand.

Varied Selection of Mobile Repeaters  

Its easy to feel overwhelmed by all the options from HiBoost, but this is only a good thing, as the more devices to choose from the easier it is to find a mobile booster that fits within your budget.  

HiBoost have phone booster devices in almost every price range, from as little as £150 for a home signal booster to upwards of £1000 for business signal booster. This allows mobile phone users to easily find a good quality signal booster without paying over the odds!  

For instance, if you need the signal booster to improve just the phone call quality and nothing else, HiBoost has a device that does just this. Those looking for phone call improvement and better 3G connections also have a few devices to choose from, while multi-band mobile repeaters improve signals across calls, 3G, and 4G if needed!  

Impressive Signal Coverage  

Not only does a mobile booster from HiBoost improve signal strength, it increases the overall area where this strong signal is sent. For instance, a HiBoost mobile booster with a coverage of 500sqm will strengthen and amplify the signal across this distance, improving the signal strength over an area big enough for most small homes.  

If you need more coverage there are HiBoost mobile booster devices that reach anywhere between 1,000 and 6,000sqm. So, whether you live in a small home and need a better signal or require a stronger signal over a huge area, there are mobile boosters with enough reach to get the job done. 

Simple Installation  

It may seem like a HiBoost phone signal booster is difficult to install but it couldn’t be easier to setup. Most HiBoost phone signal booster kits feature the same components – an internal antenna, external antenna, signal amplifier, and coaxial cables to connect them together. 

Just head outside and find a suitable signal strength that that external antenna can pick up – anywhere you get two bars on your reception.  

Then setup the internal antenna somewhere indoors and connect it to the amplifier using the cables. Turn on the devices and let it automatically setup and then your signal booster is fully operational.  

If you are having trouble selecting the correct mobile phone signal booster please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team.

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