Get Better Cell Signal Today!

So much of our lives rely upon and revolves around phones. When your phone struggles to hold a decent signal and the reception icon on the top corner of your screen is non-existent, it is enough for tempers to flare-dropped calls and slow internet speeds put a halt to your day. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to improve the strength of the weakened cell signal in your area. The first and foremost suggestion would be to get a cell phone signal booster. After all, a cell phone booster is a one-stop solution to your terrible reception issues. 

But if you don’t want to jump into getting one, and want alternatives that give you temporary relief-then read further: 

Switch Your Service Provider

It is a possibility that the cell provider you are using doesn’t have coverage at the location in which you are at. It could also be that the number of users in your vicinity that are hooking onto the same network, are far too many-this causes the traffic load to increase and the result is choked connectivity. This may be what is slowing the network data speeds and causing your phone to drop calls often. 

Get An Extender

You can ask your network provider for extenders. It is a device that is called a microcell or a femtocell as well, which creates a cell signal in your home and routes all of your cellular calls over broadband internet. If the reception is horrendous where you live, then it would make sense to get one.

Stick To Wi-Fi Calling 

Although this isn’t a means to improve your cell signal, this is a way to get better quality calls and faster data, especially when there isn’t a cell signal available for you to improve. If you have a strong broadband connection, then it would make sense to sticking to Wi-Fi calling for the time being-A temporary solution to the problem, nevertheless.

Finding Out Where The Closest Cell Tower Is At

There are several apps and network maps that will tell you the location of the nearest cell towers. You can try to orient your position to be closer to it, or even change your location entirely if possible. 

Heading outdoors can also help the signal reach you better. But if you have come to the understanding that you need a permanent solution, then it is better for you to check around for call boosters.