How Does A Signal Booster Work In An Automobile Parking Garage?

A woman using a cell signal booster in a garage.

Parking garages are one of the places where we experience cell phone signal issues the most. This is why many people use mobile repeaters and boosters in their garages.  While using a cell phone booster, the external antenna of the device picks up a signal coming from the nearest cellular tower. As the name implies, this antenna will be placed outside the vehicle parking area. It will then send the cellular signal to the booster placed in the parking lot, which will amplify and transfer it to the internal antenna. The internal antenna will then retransmit the boosted version of the signal to the mobile devices in the garage. You must consider many things when installing it there to make the most of the system.

Setting Up Booster Systems In Parking Areas

  • It is possible to customize the booster to make it cover big, multi-level properties. Many varieties of mobile repeaters are available in the market, including the one that suits properties that have any square footage and design. If yours is a multi-floor garage, you would possibly need to consider using a booster system per level. With it, you can rest assured that all areas of the space will have reliable cellular coverage.
  • Think about devoting it to the garage, instead of sharing it with an adjacent building. This will involve the utilization of many pieces of hardware. Installing a booster for every single level of the property will be more effective in relation to cost than having a distributed antenna system. A DAS is potentially highly labor and capital intensive.
  • After deciding where to set it up, you must think about talking to professionals to make sure that the right antennae are utilized. An outdoor directional antenna can be set up in the direction of the most adjacent cell site to have as much cellular reception as possible. It will deliver maximum signals to the booster indoors and will help to disperse the strong ones through a distributed antenna network. This way, the system will boost the signal in the areas in which vehicles will be parked.
  • Consider the requirements for every single floor of the parking structure. Is it an open structure situated above ground level? If yes, as much signal issue may not be present, as in an underground lot. Even so, it would be helpful for users in the building, in the event you install the system there. Lower levels will need augmented signals, whereas the higher ones should have fewer signal issues.