Do Mobile Apps And Stickers Boost Cellular Signals?

A diagram of how a cell booster works.

Many companies produce different products claiming that these could help to improve cellular signals. These products include cellular stickers and applications that are built specifically for this purpose. Now, how true (or false) are their claims? Let us talk about the claims they make regarding the said kinds of applications first. Going through these details will be useful, especially when you are looking to boost 4G signals.

Do Mobile Booster Applications Work?

To cut the long story short, no. A software program is not capable of improving the strength of cellular signals. Unfortunately, there are several applications on e-commerce stores described with the phrases ‘network booster’, ‘signal booster’, and so forth. Just do not pay attention to the ratings of these applications – no matter how many stars are allotted to these, they will not work.

What About Cellular Stickers?

A sticker is a product thought to help retain radiation on a cell phone. It gets the name from the fact that it is attached to the battery compartment of the cellular device. There is a debate regarding whether or not the product works to improve the signals. A group of individuals says that it does work, but others claim that it does not. Then there are people who occupy the middle ground, by saying that it may work.

Now, which faction’s opinion should you buy into? There may be some truth to the three different opinions regarding the effectiveness of cellular stickers. It may be that it worked for some people, and did not work for others. The third group of people may have experienced both results, but even they would tell you not to expect big improvements through it. In other words, they would say that even if it works, the signal improvement would be so marginal that it might not even affect your overall cellular service.

So, What Should You Purchase?

If you are looking to boost cell phone service in New Zealand, we would recommend purchasing a purpose-built product. Depending on where you want boosted signals, the best solution for you may be a distributed antenna system or a standard cell signal booster. There are proofs that both products work, so why risk losing your money by buying something that comes with mere claims?