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Mobile Signal Booster Design

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A mobile phone signal booster is a very useful devices which can capture and amplify the mobile signal which exists outside and redistribute it indoors allowing your mobile to connect. It’s a cost-effective and flexible solution to restoring a usable mobile signal to all kinds of buildings from private homes to small businesses and even to large commercial spaces with the right signal booster.

One of the best things about a phone signal booster is that it is small and discreet. This means it can fit easily in any space and won’t look intrusive or out of place in any room. With its small amplifier, it will go unnoticed in your office, living room or workplace, but will have a powerful effect to improve the quality of the signal that you can use.

How Is A Signal Booster Designed?

A phone booster comes with four main components which are very simple to fit yourself without having to call in an expert or get professional help. The first part is an exterior antenna. This mini panel is vital the functionality of the mobile repeater since it is designed to receive the existing mobile signal outside the building. It then transmits through to the repeater itself. The second part is the indoor repeater. This compact device is the piece of equipment which boosts the mobile phone signal, broadcasting it around the interior of the building. Capable of making the signal up to three times more powerful than before, this device is connected to the exterior antenna with a 10 metre long coaxial cable. This cable transfers the mobile phone signal from the antenna to the repeat at the fastest possible speed. The fourth part is the AC/DC power supply which keeps the unit running. These four parts can easily be installed independently so that you’ll soon have an excellent connection throughout your building.

Design Compatibility

There are different types of signal booster on the market which are designed to work for different purposes. Different models are capable of amplifying a signal through different sized spaces, so if you have a large commercial space or particularly large home, you will need a different model to someone who only needs amplification for a small office or apartment.  It’s also important to make sure that you choose a booster which is compatible with the mobile phone network that you are on, although this information can be clearly seen.

A mobile booster is capable of improving a mobile phone signal to -70dBm or even stronger, depending on the strength of the pre-existing signal before it was boosted. This should be perfectly sufficient to make and receive calls and to use your mobile data without any undue delays. This makes it the ideal solution for anyone who has to deal with a frustratingly weak signal.

Designed To Combat A Weak Mobile Phone Signal

The first thing you need to know is how the strength of a mobile phone signal is measured, whether indoors, outside or in a moving car. While most mobile phone owners look at the number of bars on their handset display to see how strong the signal is in their area, this may not be the best indicator. It may be the first thing that you check when your call drops out, but actually those little bars don’t have much relevance to the signal strength that’s being received by your phone. The bars which appear on your display will vary depending on your phone manufacturer, your mobile phone network or even how you’re holding your handset. There isn’t actually a standard meaning for those bars – they could be measuring voice performance, signal strength on a 3G or 4G network or data performance.

So, how can you evaluate how strong your mobile phone signal is? It sounds too easy, but really the only thing you need to worry about is whether you can hear calls clearly and whether calls drop out frequently. In terms of data, if you have a reasonable download speed and minimal buffering, your signal is probably strong enough.

If, on the other hand, you aren’t getting those things, you’ll need to determine the actual signal strength level in your area. There are some reliable methods you can use to accurate test the received signal strength. One of these methods is to use the “field test mode” option which you can find on both Apple and Android devices.

How Do You Know If My Mobile Signal Is Strong?

Mobile signal strength will always be measured in dBm or Decibels. A mobile phone signal strength reading could range from around -30dBm to -120dBm. -30dBm is the strongest strength, while -230dBm is the weakest. Usually, numbers have a negative sign before them. The nearer the reading is to zero, the stronger the signal will be. Anything higher than around -85 dBm is believed to be a decent reading for mobile phone use. So, what can you do if your mobile signal at home or at work isn’t reaching this benchmark? If you need to use your mobile, and most people do, you could benefit from a mobile phone signal booster.

Engineered To Resolve The Issues Behind Poor Quality Signal

If you need a 4G signal booster, it’s probably because there’s little you can do to alter the factors which are obstructing the quality of your signal. There’s not a lot you can do to change the location of your home or office if it’s too far away from the mobile phone tower, and there isn’t much you can do about the structure of the building that you live and work in. Neither can you change the fact that there is a huge skyscraper, forest or mountain in between your workplace or home and the signal antenna. However, engineers have designed 4G signal boosters to resolve all these problems. Made from high quality materials and with an unobtrusive design that fits into every room, a mobile repeater resolves all your signal issues quickly, affordably and conveniently.

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