How To Get Cell Phone Signals In A Dead Zone?

There is no point in trying to make a call while being in a dead zone. As soon as you enter a dead zone, you’ll notice your calls dropping and signal bars disappearing. Dead zones are formed due to various reasons including longer distance from cell tower and barriers to signal reception. 

Living in dead zones is not merely a matter of inconvenience but is a major safety concern as well. Just think of being in a situation where you have to contact an emergency service but live in a dead zone. 

Factors That Create Dead Zones 

Here are some things that interfere with cellular signals and trigger the formation of dead zones. 

  • Building materials
  • Glass/windows
  • Forest cover 
  • Atmospheric conditions like dust storms, heavy rains, and fog
  • Longer distance from cell tower 

How To Gain Cell Service In A Dead Zone?

Here are some tips that will help you use your cell phone to communicate while in dead zones. 

  • WiFi calling: The WiFi calling functionality facilitates communication in the absence of cellular signals. 
  • Use a femtocell: Microcells or femtocells act like small cell towers and improve cellular reception. Microcell connected to a router works with broadband internet and boosts cellular signals within a small area. The device requires broadband internet connectivity for its operation and can only boost signals of one carrier. 
  • Update your phone: For optimal operation, your phone has to be up-to-date. Go to “settings” and install all necessary updates. 
  • Try switching carriers: If the carrier network you are using is quite weak, you may try switching to some other carrier. 

Addressing The Issue Of Poor Cellular Coverage 

Even if you do not live in a dead zone, there is a chance that your place receives very poor signals that aren’t strong enough to facilitate quality cellular communication. The best solution you can adopt in similar circumstances is to install a cell phone booster. The device works like a signal repeater and amplifies the cellular signals available at a place. 

Cell phone boosters can boost more than one carrier signal, which means installing one in a building can boost different carrier signals used by all people in the building.  Boosters of different gains are available at affordable rates in the market. They can be installed in vehicles, homes, buildings, and public places.