Can I Install My Residential Cell Signal Booster On My Own?

The need for a cell signal booster is high nowadays. Many of the gadgets and tech we use require us to be connected to the grid at all times, be it your cell phone or smartwatch. This may be what motivated you to purchase a cell signal booster! But one of the most frequently asked questions that first-timers ask is whether the cell signal booster needs to be installed professionally? Can I do it myself?

We will tell you when you can get your tool kit out and get to work, and the times when you need to call in some help. Read on.

Residential Signal Booster Installation

Cell signal boosters for homes can be self-installed in most cases, quite easily, even if you are someone who doesn’t have a penchant for heavy work. But there are a couple of exceptions:

When Can You Self-Install Your Signal Booster?

  • If the construction is conventional drywall.
  • If your signal boosting system has one interior antenna.
  • If your home has an accessible attic.
  • If the floor area of your house is within 5000 square feet.

The most exhausting task would be to mount the exterior antennae on to the roof. If you feel this is something out of your comfort zone, then it is suggested that you call in help.

When Should You Call In Help?

If the house has a floor area beyond 5000 square feet, the booster needs to be installed by professionals. This is because homes of that floor size will make use of glass, metal, and concrete, and the placement of the interior antennae must be perfect. If done incorrectly, you will get terrible results.

If your house has a lot of woodwork and hard paneling, then the likelihood of reception interference is much higher. Save yourself the pain and call in the professionals.

If your house has beyond three floors, then it is best to forget trying to install the signal boosting system yourself. These sizes are comparable to commercial buildings and will include concrete and steel in the mainframe. Working around these materials requires expert knowledge, something which is best left to the professionals.

That about sums up the times when you can install it DIY-style and the times when you need to call in the big guns!