10 Easy Ways To Boost Mobile Phone Signal

Improve Your Mobile Phone Signal

Almost everyone today owns a mobile phone. Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives today, and a basic necessity for all. This precious gadget is not only valuable and life-saving in various situations, but have also made life a lot more fun. These phones however require a strong signal to be useful in most instances, which is why many will do anything just to get that precious signal. Low signal reception is one of the leading causes for dropped calls, slow internet, and missing text messages.

Identifying reasons and factors that lead to bad reception on your phone can however help you look for solutions for the same. Some of these issues include too many obstructions and distance from the closest cell tower. What can I do to improve mobile phone reception? You may ask. This article outlines ten easy ways and tips on how to improve your mobile phone signal and reception. You can choose to try all the free options listed below before deciding to invest some money on a paid option.

1.  Ensure Nothing Is Blocking The Phone’s Internal Antenna

Sometimes all you need is hold the phone the right way to enable it to get a strong signal. According to Gert Pedersen, an Aalborg University professor, placing your hand over your phone’s internal antenna blocks some of the signals thus resulting in poor reception. If that is the case, holding the phone with the other hand, or in a different position may help resolve the problem. This however depends on the make and model of the phone. Switching hands when using the phone can help you get clearer calls by improving cell signal significantly. Try this trick before trying the next tip.

2. Look For The Nearest Cell Tower

If you have been experiencing poor reception in some parts of the house, and a strong signal in the opposite side, you might then want to know where the nearest cell tower is. Areas with better signal reception simply mean you are either close to the cell tower, or there are fewer obstructions in that side/direction. Knowing exactly where the nearest cell tower is can help you find the perfect spot for making calls or doing the heavy internet stuff. Although it might sound weird to some, being too close to several cell phone towers can also be a reason you aren’t getting a stable connection. This is because the signal keeps hopping back and forth hence poor reception.

3. Get A Clear Path Of Communication To The Mobile Tower

Physical obstructions such as a clogged attic or a thick cement-based basement are some of the reasons for dropped calls and poor reception. Avoiding obstacles that may interfere with your phone’s ability to receive a strong signal can help you avoid the frustrations that come with a weak one. This can be achieved by giving your phone better access to the cell phone tower. Although you might know this already, even the best smartphone on the market will struggle to get good enough a reception if there’s clutter everywhere. Even the modest phone cover you might have could be the reason you aren’t getting a full bar even while in the open.

4. Reboot your Phone

Very few people restart their phones, ever. Although it may seem old-fashioned, restarting your phone goes a long way in improving its performance and signal reception. Restarting the operating system helps clear any software glitches it might have had, a factor that can resolve network issues as well. Do not be afraid to reboot your phone; it will only take a few minutes of your time. Some of the instances when you should consider restarting your phone include when the phone freezes, hangs or is stuck at a webpage. The poor signal may also be resolved by rebooting the phone.

5. Keep Your Battery Charged

Your phone needs enough power to pick up a strong signal with ease.  A low battery (25% or lower) will only result in a weak signal and poor performance. For this reason, you need to keep the battery charge higher than 25%. Keeping the battery charged should enable the phone to have a constant link to the cell tower, thus better signal.

6. Consider Wi-Fi Assist Or Calling

Wi-Fi assist can really come in handy when in an area with low mobile phone reception but strong Wi-Fi link.  This can be at home in the attic or basement, or the subway where the signal is weak but Wi-Fi signals are excellent. Wi-Fi Assist makes it possible for you to switch from the mobile  signal to Wi-Fi, and back again without dropping a call. You might however have to call your carrier to see if this option is available for you.

7. Give It A Minute

Sometimes all the cell tower needs is a minute or two to establish a strong link with your phone. If you were on call, try calling again after a minute to see if this solves the problem. Just like rebooting your phone, letting the cell tower computers do their work should get you out of a tricky situation pretty fast. You will even be surprised at the quality of call after giving it some time.

8. Avoid Crowded Areas

Trying to make a call in a crowded area where everyone is on the phone too can make it hard for the cell tower to serve you best, but instead, send a busy signal. Circuit overload is a situation where the tower gets more requests than it can handle. Nonetheless, moving further away from the crowds may enable the next tower to provide a stable connection. Some patience is however needed to get this done. In addition to this, making a call in a less-crowded place will award you with clearer calls and even faster internet speeds if trying to download something. 

9. Switch Carriers

Some carriers are better than others. That said, it is advisable to switch to a service provider offering excellent services and network coverage in your area. Do not fall for cheaper carriers with limited coverage. Your choice carrier should be capable of giving you an excellent service and optimal signal strength in areas you need it most. This includes your office, home, and the areas you visit most. Although the price may be a little higher at first, the quality of service provided will be worth every penny.

10. Invest In A Mobile Phone Signal Booster

If none of the above-named options seems to work, you should then consider investing in a signal booster. One advantage of amobile signal booster is that it will give your phone a better reception and a full signal bar whenever at home, work, or travelling. All you need is invest in the right signal booster for the application for guaranteed performance.


The 10 tips and options outlined above should help you get a good signal without spending much. While diagnosing the issue is the best approach to this issue, trying these options in the order listed can help avoid frustrations in the future. Try all these to see which one works for you best. As indicated earlier, if nothing else seems to work and you are still receiving a poor connection, you should then consider investing in mobile phone signal booster. You will also need a certified and trusted installer to install the boosters for you. Mobile Repeater have a certified and trustworthy team ready to troubleshoot your problem and even recommend the best signal booster for you.

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