How To Improve 4G Mobile Signal

Increasing Your 4G Signal Reception

The time when individuals only used their mobile phones for calling has long passed. E-mailing, chatting on messenger and social networks, and watching videos are as essential for people these days as sleeping and eating. Mobile Internet means everything to us.   

There are various mobile data transfer speeds in the UK depending who your mobile operator is. Despite how heavily advertised high-speed 4G plans are, data rates in practice are frequently very disappointing, and at times even worse. It is a fairly widespread situation for our customers to request that we improve the 4G signal at their place but after asking a couple of questions it is clear they don’t receive any signal at all. A 4G signal is not delivered by their mobile operator in their local area or the closest cell tower is too far away from their home so that 1 bar on a very good day is the best that they can hope for.  

To understand which signal you receive, look at the symbols of the mobile Internet signal bar that is on your phone.     

Improving 4G signal

What Is Meant By Mobile Internet Signal Indicators?

There will be one of 6 letters – LTE, H+, H, 3G, E, or G next to your signal strength indicator.  Let’s discuss what each of these means.

  • G is for GPRS.  This is the slowest data speed that can be received. Usually it used for sending text messages.
  • E is for extended GPRS or EDGE. It is faster compared to GPRS but still isn’t fast enough for receiving a full-scale Internet connection.
  • 3G is next. It is what is used by most of us for browsing the Internet, however it’s highest data rate only goes up to a maximum of 42 Mbit per second.
  • H is for HSDPA or HSPA.  This is an enhanced version of the 3G technology, and therefore its mobile data rates are higher and offers a smoother Internet connection. Accordingly, H+ is for advanced HSPA, and has even faster mobile data transfer speeds that for downloads go as high as 169 Mbit per second.  Pay close attention, if your Internet signal bar has a H or H+ that means you are receiving 3G still and definitely not 4G.

What Is Meant By The Mobile Internet Signal Indicators

You have won big if you see L, T and E.  This means you are on 4G, or Long Term Evolution, which is the fastest network that is used now by mankind. However, what if the network isn’t efficient enough? You don’t need to worry because we have a couple of smart ways for getting a better 4G signal for you.

Adjusting Your Phone To Improve Your 4G Signal

Were you aware that whenever your 4G signal isn’t strong, your phone will switch over to 3G automatically? So if you see an H+ on the mobile Internet signal bar on your phone, that doesn’t mean you are unable to get 4G mobile data.  It could be that the network is just not efficient enough. There are some adjustments that can be made to avoid network switches. They can work for all of the operators, but you need to be careful. If you notice they are harming your phone operation, then you should raise your settings back.   

  • Dial ##3282# or ##DATA# and enter into edit mode.
  • Enter in your MSL.
  • Pick up the WiMAX menu (WiMAX ENTRY RX (RSSI) (dBm)) and then lower the default minimum signal rate down to connect with a cell tower to a maximum of – 100 or -95 dBm.  

If you are facing network stability issues, return the value to -89.

Boosting Your 4G Signal Using Your Mobile Device

Using 4G Signal Boosters for Boosting Your 4G Signal.

There are some mobile applications that can be found on the Apple store or Google Play market that promises to increase your 4G signal strength to 5 bars. The working principle is to alter the upload and download speeds, it allow you to limit one of them to favour the other one. This type of app can work if you are having slight problems with your 4G connection. However, it won’t change much if you have a very low data rate.

Like all mobile applications, it causes your phone to consume a higher amount of energy than normal and discharges it faster as well.

Use A Mobile Booster For Increasing Your 4G Signal Reception

When it comes to finding a reliable and professional way of improving your 4G signal, we recommend that you select a 4G mobile signal booster. Those devices have been specially designed to improve your 4G mobile data transfer. Therefore, they are checked strictly, during production as well as certification. The price of the mobile phone signal boosters can vary, depending on how many frequencies are supported, coverage area, power, and gain.

In terms of frequencies, it is vitally important to select a booster that supports the right one.  European mobile operators generally offer LTE mobile data over 3 frequencies – 2600, 1800 and 800 MHz.  In certain countries there are some operators that work on all three or on only one. To determine which frequency is suited for your town or city, contact your operator, or you can also contact Mobile Repeater UK tech support and we will advise you on which booster model will suit you the best.

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